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Thread: Social Media Aggregation, Coding, and Programming Expertise Wanted

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    Social Media Aggregation, Coding, and Programming Expertise Wanted

    Working on a project now concerning the conjunction between social media, political participation, internet access and availability, as well as voter turnout.

    Can't pay you for it, just looking for help with the project. I lack the ability to adequately quantify content originating from social networking and media in relation to political participation. Best I can do is co-authorship credit.

    Mainly just advertising it to see if anyone would be interested in working with me on it. I need help quantifying and examining what is, in large part, inconsequential gibberish, with valuable data interspersed periodically.

    PM me if interested. I think it be a cool side project for anyone with a bit of time to spare.

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    Nice try, Mr. Underwood.

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