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Thread: One Way Heroics (Indie RPG side-scroller, semi rogue-like)

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    One Way Heroics (Indie RPG side-scroller, semi rogue-like)

    I searched for a thread but found nothing so figured I would make one, the game is 2 years old though. I wanted to post in the indie thread but couldn't even find that I know I suck, I'll kill myself later lol. If mods feel it would be better suited in indie thread then if one of you gents could move it I would be very grateful . This game has been taking up an insane amount of time for a game under 10 dollars, I wanted to share in-case anyone else is the same way. It can be found on at least steam and playism (think that's what it's called) at the least.

    So like title says it's a indie RPG side-scroller but from top down think old school jrps (FF1to6, phantasy star...etc). Reason for calling it a side-scroller is because you need to keep heading right or the darkness quickly approaching from the left side will kill you instantly if it catches up to you, which I feel add's pretty fundamental game changing elements. I say semi rogue-like because you lose everything in your inventory and your levels when you die, also it is technically turn based despite not feeling like it if you are steadily moving, however you can place items in vault (can even chose items after death), in plus version (will get to that later) you also earn gold coins every death to upgrade your castle and buy npc's for it, can also buy perks to help you (or hinder you but add to your score at the end) with them, you start with 3 spaces for perks but after well I'm not honestly sure what unlocked them lol you end up with 5 slots that you chose before you begin the map. There is quite a few classes with very different play-styles from relying on allies bard to multiple combo swordmaster to high damage one shot kill, wall breaking pirate to get the idea, plus DLC adds 3 new classes (ninja, tourist, force knight). Every class has three item slots weapon, armor, accessory... you can upgrade the weapon and armor up to 10 times with varying effects some increase damage some add procs. From my understanding there is 3 different way's to win, I have accomplished two of those, killing the obvious boss and running so far, the third is far more complicated and even add's a whole new "world" basically (don't want to spoil anything..after a week of playing several hours a day I'm finally able to attempt the third ending but I still don't think i'm ready. The worlds are random, like many rogue-likes there are seeds where you can redo the same map over by entering the "code" for the map, they also have events that last 24 hours you can do as many times as you want (while they are active, if you type seed code in I don't believe event is still active), the events vary and some are pretty crazy from boss spawning at start point to merchants littering the place.

    I think I covered the basic's of the game-play, now onto the subject of the DLC. Even though the game and DLC is under 10 bucks even off sale, I feel the DLC being twice the base game (base is 3 50, DLC is 6 50.. on steam) is just ridiculous for what it add's. Pretty much from what I have seen you get some new npc's, monsters, about twice the item's.. and what I feel is really the selling point on it is the QoL improvements (hot keys, auto targetting monsters etc). With that said IMO they should have done the QoL changes free in a patch and sold the other parts of the DLC for a buck or two for what the game costs, but hey what do I know.

    Anyway I think that's about it for this game, hopefully some of you guys try it (or have tried it) and reply back here so we can talk more in-depth after you started to dig into it.
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    Played for just a few minutes. Getting hit from the side repeatedly which stun locks you so you can't turn to face it annoyed the hell out of me so I stopped

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