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Thread: The Red Rising Trilogy - Pierce Brown [Sci-Fi]

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    The Red Rising Trilogy - Pierce Brown [Sci-Fi]

    Haven't seen a thread dedicated to this series, but quite a few discussions on it in the books you just read thread. The final book in the trilogy comes out 2/9/16, so I figured I would get this back on everyone's radar if you were fans of the first two.

    Morning Star: Book Three

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    Thought this looked interesting after someone mentioned it in the other thread. I'm just about done with book 2. It's pretty good, but a little light somehow. Hard to put my finger on it, not sure if it's light on the descriptions of the world/solar system, or what. Overall it's pretty good, but I'd say not quite on the level of some of the other fantasy/scifi stuff I've read lately. There's definitely some interesting concepts/tech getting thrown around though.

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