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Thread: Bellevue, WA for work

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    Bellevue, WA for work

    Will be in be in Bellevue for a couple days toward the end of March, possibly with a coworker. Looking for beer/food/coffee recommendations and maybe some quick and easy touristy/sightsee type something.

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    Black Raven Brewery and Fremont Brewing are two of my favorites in the Seattle area for breweries. Bellevue Brewing is also tasty and may not require any driving. I haven't really done much dining in Bellevue itself but I have a buddy who lived there, I'll hit him up for some recommendations.

    Experience Music Project in Seattle is always my #1 must-do tourist activity there. Depends on if you want to go into Seattle or not. Not a whole lot of tourist things in Bellevue itself as it is basically a giant affluent suburb of Seattle full of lots of trendy bars/stores. Closest thing would be Bellevue Square, but that is just a fancy shopping center.

    *edit, food:

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    If you like dumplings hit up Din Tai Fung in Lincoln Square in DT Bellevue - place is always packed and often has 1+ hour waits but the food is pretty damn good. Can either try to get a space at the bar or if you have to wait an hour for a table you can check out the mall or have a drink at numerous places nearby while you wait. There's a bowling alley on the same level that doubles as a nightclub / bar and a poolhaul / comedy club upstairs. Not much for touristy stuff in Bellevue, but Seattle is only 10-15 minutes away. There's an easy waterfall south and a bit to the East of Bellevue (Snoqualmie Falls), about a 20-30 minute drive away and right off the side of the road.

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