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Thread: Anyone have a print shop? Childrens book print and bind

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    Anyone have a print shop? Childrens book print and bind

    I have made a children's book - once I get the art from the illustrator and set the text I am ready to print - does anyone have a print shop that can do such a job, I have the copy write and ISBN's all owned so its self publish in all regards.

    It will be full color throughout and fully formatted (to whatever size we choose is best for ease of print etc.) and ready to go.

    My preference is perfect or staple bound - I don't want it to be spiral or anything. I would like hardcover and soft - but I would only want a handful of hardcovers so I know that may not really be an option.

    Looking for a small batch 100-200.

    I know this is random on a game forum...but I have come to find out much of us RR'er have diverse connections/jobs/etc. so its worth a shot!

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