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Thread: RPG/MMORPG books

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    RPG/MMORPG books

    A heads up for a new genre - aimed at the MMORPG and ex MMORPG crowd.

    D&D/South park
    Critical Failures by Robert Bevan €” Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

    Don't make fun of the neckbeard.. he might stick you in his game.

    (To get the most out of this one, you should probably have been playing MMOs for quite a while.. there are quite a few references)
    AlterWorld (Play to Live, #1) by D. Rus €” Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

    Both are available as really nicely done audiobooks also.

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    Thanks for these recommendations. I just ordered the first book of Play to Live, it's getting raving reviews everywhere I checked so I might as well try it out. Shame it's not very available though, only paperbacks and not even in all countries, I had to order from another country's Amazon!

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