A lot of us live in legit places with legit music scenes and I'm sure there are some great local artists that many of us will never have a chance to hear. I used to hit up a lot more local shows, but my two show buddies left SF so I don't hit up as much as I used to - which is unfortunate.

Most stuff around here is actually in Oakland because it's way cheaper there. There are choice venues in SF, but Oakland is where most the artists live and where the scene has really picked up.

Danny James

This cat has an amazing band backing him up. Psychedelic pop-rock is really the best way to describe. It's very Beatles-esque at times. Of the local artists I know, this is probably my favorite. The album, Pear, is fantastic pretty much front to back.

Once and Future Band

This band is actually closely associated with Danny James. I think a couple of the players are on the studio album and they play live with him. Their material is much more jazz-prog. Very Zappa and Steely Dan. This tune is definitely my favorite. These dudes are really good.

Crescent Queen

All female stoner metal band with some prog-esque influence. There's a flute player which gives it a bit of a Jethro Tull vibe.

Slow Season

These guys are actually from the Central Valley but they play in the Bay Area all the time and I've caught them a couple times. Very Zeppelin which is fucking awesome. Jimmy Page is obviously the guitar player's favorite because he plays the same guitar and dresses like him and shit.