Some of you might remember this from last year, I think from Gamescom, where we got a reveal trailer that showed what looked like an open world caveman game with some fantasy elements, but not much more. Well, we got some more info out of the game expo in Paris, and shit looks cool enough to me to warrant its own thread.

So open world game where you play as a shaman who solves problems by using animals, both by getting them to help you in combat, as a mount, etc., and being able to straight-up bodyjack the animals and control them directly. According to a GameInformer article, it's also going to have Dark Souls-style multiplayer where you can summon players into your world and shit like that.

That first trailer we got last year looked pretty, but didn't really grab me, but this whole GoT-style warging as a core mechanic sounds really awesome, so this game's now hopped on my shortlist of games to watch.