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Thread: One Life

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    One Life

    Online MMOFPS with account ban on death. For you hardcore people out there. Cost is slated to be 9$. Bonus: Can pee on people you capture.

    first couple of minutes:

    One Life is a multiplayer FPS that locks you out forever when you die - PC Gamer

    One Life is a first MMO survival game with perma-permadeath.

    I think this is gonna flop, but who knows.

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    I agree with the bro in the video. There aren't enough people willing to shell out 10 bucks per death to sustain a population.

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    Well, it's different. The guy shooting from the hip there and hitting people from 120 or so feet away from the target shows how high quality and realistic the fps part is. Run and gun hip fire spray and pray game play with $10 a death isn't a good way to design a money making game.
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