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Thread: Transformers Devestation

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    Transformers Devestation

    So this looks Awesome...

    I love the 80s style carton gameplay. The voices even sound right!

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    I had not heard about this at all until it popped up on steam for me yesterday and it releases in less than two weeks. They've either done a terrible job marketing it or they've been hiding it until release. I hope to god it doesn't suck but I do not trust it until I get to see some youtube of gameplay.

    I will say though that TotalBiscut really seemed to like their Metal Gear game so hopefully there is potential.
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    I don't think Platinum have a marketing division. The trailer is probably a coder that got bored and decided to screw with video editing software.

    As far as their game quality goes, they are all over the place. MG:R was pretty tight and fun, Legend of Korra was more middle of the road. And that's from someone who hasn't played MG and loves Korra. Any of their games are wait-and-see for me now.

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    I get the feeling that this will be a lot more along the lines of Korra's quality than Vanquish, Bayonetta, or MGR:R. Partly because it's Activision behind it again, partly because they've got much more important projects to work on (Star Fox and Scalebound, plus Nier).
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