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Thread: Streaming / Real Time Updating Forums

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    Streaming / Real Time Updating Forums

    When is someone going to write this kind of code? A live forum where new replies "float" into the threads when they're posted?

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    It would be entirely possible but not really feasible. It would be an extraordinarily large amount of AJAX pushing around on the site. The hosting bills would probably skyrocket. One of the projects for one of the web frameworks I used to use (Grails) was basically creating a real-time updating forum. So it isn't even really hard just not worth it on a large scale.

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    I think this forum is vBulletin 4, there's a pretty actively developed plugin here for real time updating: Seems to have a lot of options for applying the effect selectively on popular threads, specific user groups etc.

    It actually is advertised as putting *less* strain on the server than users would create by F5'ing like madmen on an active thread /shrug.

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