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Thread: Journey, now on PS4

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    Journey, now on PS4

    Like The Last of Us, this another titled I really wanted to play but missed out on from being a 360 user. I finished it yesterday, and despite being short, this one really moved me. REALLY moved me emotionally. I can't remember the last time a game evoked such emotion from me. The first play-through was awesome, but it was the second playthrough right after that really made it awe-inspiring. There's just so many things that I loved

    I had no clue on the first playthrough that these were REAL players that I was coming across. After watching the credits, and seeing who I had been on the journey with, I was blown away and right away started another Journey playthrough. On my second playthrough, I played with another stranger the entire way through. I'm not sure what it is, but playing with a stranger in this game is more special than other multiplayer games.

    The second playthrough from start to finish with this person made for what was easily one of my most special gaming experiences. The whole way the game encourages the players to feed off of each others' auras to help the experience move along easier. We always made sure to wait up for each other and assist one another as much as possible. Reaching the very top at the end side by side, (with hitting the aura button over and over lol) is a moment I'll always remember in gaming.
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    An amazing game in more ways than one.

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    I bought this on PS3 and it came free for me as a cross buy once it came out on PS4. It's a really fun game.

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