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Thread: Headphone/Mic recommendations

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    Headphone/Mic recommendations

    So I have a tendency to go through headphones quickly. Either the mic will break or the ears will. I have purchased headphones from 15 bucks to 120 bucks. I was wondering if anyone had any good personal use recommendations for Headphone/mic combos that meet the criteria of being: Around NOT over the ear, and less then say 60 bucks. If you have a really good recommendation for an expensive set I would like to hear that too.


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    I am personally fond of the Microsoft lifechat series or Plantronics blackwire line. Plantronics 85619-01 Blackwire C320-M Headset: Cell Phones Accessories

    what i currently use

    and i just recently replaced my Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset (JUG-00013): Computers Accessories which i had for like 3 years. Blackwire C435-M for Microsoft: Cell Phones Accessories are likely my next purchase.
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