Saw this the other day in a festival and it's being released across europe these days. Since it has been released in Mexico too, I guess it can be found by anyone interested.

Marshland is a very very classic 'cops sent to the boonies end up investigating fucked up murders with more ramifications than initially expected' movie. That's classic, but here it is also extremely well executed. On top of that, there is originality in the setting, both in time and in place. It is set in the early '80s in Spain, just after the end of Franco's dictatorship so the ghosts of the past are pretty fresh. It is set in Andalusia, which is an extremely flat land with lots of marshes and water canals, and the director uses it pretty brilliantly to disorientate us or to create some very original chase scenes, be it on foot or with cars.

Highly recommended if you have a chance to see it.