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Thread: For Honor (Ubisoft Montreal)

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    For Honor (Ubisoft Montreal)

    Ubisoft Montreal takes 3 warrior factions (Knights, Samurai, Vikings) and pits them against each other in a fresh action oriented hack n' slash.
    So far looks like 4 on 4 is definitely an option, not sure about anything else at this point but man it looks great. Kinda getting this weird Dark Souls meets Dynasty Warriors vibe and I really, really like that.

    Probably one of my most anticipated E3 reveals.

    *Making this thread now because there is a cool giveaway on the For Honor website for a custom skin console just for your Uplay account/registration and I assume most of you already have that so...
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    The animations are pretty impressive. Seems to me that the success of this game hinges heavily on the intuitiveness and fun of the sword play. Watching them fight made the combat look pretty awesome, but I've been fooled before.

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