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Thread: John Gwynne - The faithful and the fallen

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    John Gwynne - The faithful and the fallen

    Didn't see this author mentioned.

    Just finished up book 1 and book 2, book 3 (of a trilogy) is out in July. Really good read if you're into the swords and sorcery stuff. It's not perfect but it's far better than most of the crap out there and it's the first series for a while where my wife is telling me off for reading at 2am on a week night

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    Reading it now, something about it I like (cant figure out what atm) but god is some of it terrible. The lengths the author goes to bring some characters back from the brink of death is annoying... every fight must feature some hero ineptly tripping over a dead body, every fight the main character is in involves him being saved by his pet wolf (usually after tripping over a dead body) this is after being caught after ineptly trying to sneak some where... sense a trend. Its just poor writing trying to create tension in a story when it is already shown that several characters that are described as being dead really aren't... just ugg.

    That said the books are loaded with battles and fights, which the author does well (aside from the poor foot work).

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