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Thread: David Dalglish (Shadowdance / Half-Orcs / Paladins)

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    David Dalglish (Shadowdance / Half-Orcs / Paladins)

    I'm surprised I don't see this author mentioned more on here, figured it was worth a new thread. I'm finishing up the latest Half-Orc books right now and it's solid as usual. He has a ton of books out and is a publishing machine. It's the standard fantasy stuff that we all tend to like, a bit like Abercrombie/Lynch. Plenty of good action, great character development and minimal/almost no cheese. He writes some seriously brutal combat scenes too.

    All of his books take place in the same world, so a lot of the main characters appear in all of the different series.

    Shadowdance (assassins):
    Shadowdance series by David Dalglish

    Half-Orcs (gods/angels/demons, general sword + sorcery fare):
    Half-Orcs series by David Dalglish

    The Paladins (gods/demons again, kind of a light vs dark or good vs evil theme, focused on two main characters):
    The Paladins series by David Dalglish

    The Breaking World (expansion of the above series):
    The Breaking World series by David Dalglish

    And the Watcher's Blade, focused around the main protagonist from the Shadowdance novels:
    The Watcher's Blade series by David Dalglish

    Those are somewhat lousy synopses of what the stories are about but I'm really enjoying them. Each book has been a page-turner and there's almost no bullshit filler, stupid cliffhanger endings or wasted characters (eg: Denna in the Kingkiller books). If you're in the market for some new fantasy and are into Abercrombie, Lynch, Brent Weeks, Mark Lawrence and the like they are absolutely worth a read.
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    This guy is another who started out Indie publishing because he couldn't find someone to take on a manuscript outside of the norm and has enjoyed success. It's worth your time to check him out.

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    I thought the stuff got a little goofy at times but they were all enjoyable reads. I recommend these to any fantasy readers looking for more stuff.

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    When he goes big, it gets -really- big.

    I enjoyed the stories though. I was surprised by the characters I ended up caring about.
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    I'm about to finish the 3rd book of the Watcher series. After the first book I was thinking I had to read the Half Orc series. Finished the 2nd book recently and Dalglish himself in the afterword describes his earlier writing as childish basically.

    Should I read the half orc stuff? Is his writing between the two as noticeably as he thinks it is?
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