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Thread: Crossfit Games 2015

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    Crossfit Games 2015

    I didn't see a thread for it, maybe because no one here follows it, but here we go.

    Spoilers ahead

    With the reduction on the number of regional competition to only 8, every event was a very competitive event. Last year's debacle of lower tier athletes qualifying for the finals was fixed. This year, there is no doubt that those who advanced, are truly the best.

    This year, the female side of crossfit is stacked with newcomers.

    The 19 year old (Brooke Wells) took over the central region by storm, surpassing veterans like (Akindale and Foucher (Foucher ). Foucher snapped her Achilles's tendon halfway in day 2, but she managed to finish top 10.

    In California, (Brooke Ence) and ( Chyna Cho) had a breakout year, edging Valenzuela and getting a ticket to the games. Lauren Fisher did not qualified.

    But the big news was Europe, where the "Dottirs" took 4 out of 5 spots. Dottir is an islandic surname meaning "Daugther Of "

    First and second were, Sara and katrin , followed by Annie, kristen holte and Thurigur helgadottir. Iceland this year has sent the strongest competition yet among females.
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