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    Just read this. The author China Mieville is incredibly imaginative. To the point of which I didn't like some of his other books for having too many weirdass characters (mosquito people, cactus, people, etc, etc) that just makes it unrelatable and uninteresting to me.

    But this is a hard-sci fi book that is about humans interacting with bizarre aliens that they can only communicate with via engineered identical twins (think creepy twins that talk at the same time) as the aliens recognize no other form of language. We of course fuck this up with some non-engineered twins that they find the "accent" of super addictive and intoxicating.

    Check it out.

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    I don't enjoy Mieville much. He gets an interesting idea ("the invention of lying" in this case) then ladles on baroque language and unlikable characters and then his boing-boing cronies pile on the hugo pressure. It works really well in Railsea (steampunk moby dick) but Embassytown just felt meh.

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