Zynga's new game has been released on the iOS app store - but only in Saudi Arabia. To download the game, you have to (temporarily) switch your store region to SA.

The game is a F2P cashgrab but also pretty fun. I haven't played Clash of Clans so I can't speak to comparisons, but basically you're upgrading your economy and waging war against other players. There's a pretty good amount of interactivity in the battles - in the setup phase you place units and in the "action" phase you can direct them. The battles are impressive, it's like 300 little men all really hitting each other. Also, you get a "titan', a big ass super unit.

Graphics are impressive, I guess probably amongst the best on a phone? I'm on an iPhone 6. Battery drains pretty fast, as you'd expect.

If anyone wants to play and join me, I'm in the 2nd largest "alliance" called Seafood Soup (I didn't name it).