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Thread: Utomik - The Netflix of PC Gaming

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    Utomik - The Netflix of PC Gaming

    It's about damn time. Via IGN:

    BY CHLOI RADA new service called Utomik wants to offer unlimited PC games for only $10 per month, minus the long downloads, lag, and bad quality usually associated with cloud gaming.

    Utomik's goal is to make games playable with just one click, with virtually no installation time stopping you from playing what you want right away.

    The method used by Utomik is similar to progressive downloading, made possible by what it calls its own "unique proprietary file streaming technology."

    Downloading smaller batches of files as they play, according to Utomik, allows its users to have access to any game in the service's library, instantly.

    According to Utomik's product director Chris van der Linden, "[Gamers] donít want a low quality video render of their game from a remote server for higher costs."

    Utomik told GamesBeat that its approach is "1,000 times cheaper" than others, allowing its monthly price to sit at $10 a month. The site is currently in closed beta.


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    I can't say I wouldn't be interested, but I think I'll let others prove this technology's performance first. I'm curious of the quality of service from big city vs more rural areas.
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    By default all games are available within the monthly subscription, with new releases available for purchase as Premium games.
    For some reason, I'd imagine most games people want to play will fall under that category until they're on sale for $15 on Steam. Most of the titles you can see on the website are already dirt cheap ($5 or less on a regular basis). Also, I'd kind of rather see someone perfect streaming gaming so I don't have to worry about running a monstrous Windows machine in order to play games.

    It'd be cool to see this type of pricing model succeed though.

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    sounds very suspicious, i don't see how you can fool most older games into really running if most of the data files aren't there. no hidden "download wizardry" is going to get around checksums and crashes when data files are invalid, a game has to be written from the ground up to support realtime download streaming of assets.

    frankly it just sounds like they mostly include a bunch of bundleware fodder they bought thousands of copies of when they were dirt cheap on or and they predownload the entire damn library to your PC overnight. No real good games will be included (GTA5, Skyrim, etc) just a bunch of bundleware crap. I've got 800+ games in my steam library but only probably 50 or so are quality games.

    get a couple thousand people to pay $10/mo upfront for games you paid pennies for and rake in the profits i guess as you act as a centralized key holder. don't see how some of the devs don't sue to stop this pretty quickly, the EULAs for all of them clearly license the game to a single person not for sharing.

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