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    Video Game Podcasts

    Getting older w/ less time for games, i like to listen to game podcasts to be kept abreast of stuff

    Giant Bombcast Giant Bombcast - Giant Bombcast 03/10/2015 - Giant Bomb
    Sometime last year i ran out of podcasts while driving more than usual cuz of moving so this showed up, i've never read any of the video game sites. They provide a good 3hrs every week, i don't think i ever FF'd anything.

    The Patch Rooster Teeth The Patch
    Roosterteeth offshoot from the main RT podcast that focus' on gaming. Good collection of stuff, i actually prefer the Patch over the RT Podcast, mainly b/c theres no Gavin on The Patch and he gets irritating very quickly. Staples will be Gus/Ashley/Ryan sometimes Meg

    Kinda Funny Gamescast iTunes - Podcasts - Kinda Funny Gamescast by Kinda Funny
    It's an offshot of the Game over Greggy youtube, in which it is now Patreon Funded, and rebranded as Kinda Funny since Greg and Colin left IGN and podcast beyond to start this. Previously while at podcast beyond they had an agreement to not talk about games and such on their own channels and "leave it for the podcast"

    Podcast Beyond Podcast Beyond
    Even though Greg and Colin left, they were replaced by Max and Brian from the Comedy Button whom i like so theres that. I mean it is Playstation centric, but whatever

    Not Recommended/Rotting on my playlist
    Dude Soup (formerly inside gaming) iTunes - Podcasts - Dude Soup by Rooster Teeth
    They merged with RT, but lately i've just gotten really annoyed with them playing games in the background, and they're just not as interesting, if i'm desperate for something new i'll play them.

    The escapist Escapist Podcast Video Gallery | The Escapist
    They've been sucking since Susan Left like 2 years ago, ever since the new year when they merged all the podcasts (gaming/comics cosplay/science/movies) It's really just a gaming podcast and it just sucks. Again if i need something new to listen to while i run and i've exhausted everything, i guess.

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    Bunch of youtubers who talk about both modern gaming and retro gaming.

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    The Indoor Kids Nerdist

    Kumail Nanjiani is the bestest.
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    Super Best Friendcast! if you can get past Pat who has no volume control it is good times.

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