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Thread: Tim Dorsey Series

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    Tim Dorsey Series

    So this is one of my absolute favorite series and definitely one of the two I look forward to installments of every year. The other being The Dresden Files. Series follows a wacky history obsessed serial killer in Florida (for the love of god don't compare it to Dexter, Florida Fiction has been around for like 50 years and this one predates Dexter anyway). They are hilariously funny and insane, but also full of TONS of actual history about Florida. Really enjoyable reads.

    So I'm recommending them. I bring it up because the newest one came out last month. There's like 15 of them. But they aren't necessarily chronological and the parts that are don't matter. IE, one takes place during the World Series in FL in like 1998 or whatever. My personal favorite is Triggerfish Twist.

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    The first book is kind of rough, Serge is more of a straight up psycho than a lovable and infectious one. But Dorsey really found out how to write the character and the world(it's Florida, but it's FLORIDA!) after that.

    I think I'm two books behind, last I read was The Riptide Ultra-Glide. The quality from book to book can vary, but they are almost always entertaining and very funny. It's not really very similar, but the books I most compare them to in my head are the Discworld books. Everyone is crazy in some amusing way or other, completely improbable shit is the norm, and comedy rules the day.

    Got a big kick out of the political one, Orange Crush. And while Gator-A-Go-Go wasn't the best it featured Coleman at Spring Break a ton, which was outstanding.

    I'm a big fan of the series.
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