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Thread: Underworld Ascendant kickstarter

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    Underworld Ascendant kickstarter

    Underworld Ascendant by OtherSide Entertainment Kickstarter
    from Otherside entertainment.

    Headed by Paul Neurath. original creator/lead for Ultima underworld
    Paul Neurath - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Team seems to be largely Lookingglass studio's people. (underworld/theif)
    Also ion storm/irrational, etc.

    No idea if they have good ideas on how to modernize the gameplay. "storybricks" and scribblenauts systems of course..
    the pitch sounds alot like, "we want to make this game, lets see how its going to come out", vs "we have great ideas on what to do for this"

    "Improvisation Engine – Delight in player-authored gameplay taken to a whole new level, with a suite of technologies that empower you to solve challenges with astonishing ingenuity. Be the ‘MacGyver’ of a fantasy world. "

    They have the UNDERWORLD ip, trademark, assets, but not ULTIMA name.
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    I backed it for $20, I loved the first one enough for that. Looks sort of fun too, so I'm not just backing it for nostalgia.

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