A couple weeks back, The Protomen (mostly known for their partially completed Mega Man-inspired rock opera or their killer Queen cover album) released this cover album of 70's and 80's jams, and I've been absolutely enthralled with it. It's mostly faithful to the originals (with the exception of a couple lyric changes - "robots" replacing "Russians" in The Trooper, for instance), with a few narrative fluff tracks thrown in (the whole thing is presented as the soundtrack to a movie existing within their narrative setting).

The track-list, timestamps, and original artists spoilered below:
0:00:00 Pick Up [Fluff track]
0:00:41 Because the Night [Patti Smith Group]
0:05:46 Princes of the Universe [Queen]
0:09:16 Mr. Roboto [Styx]
0:14:59 No Easy Way Out [Robert Tepper]
0:18:52 Last Stop [Fluff track]
0:20:31 In the Air Tonight [Phil Collins]
0:27:05 I Drove All Night [Roy Orbison]
0:32:45 Total Eclipse of the Heart [Bonnie Tyler]
0:39:44 Hunted [Fluff track]
0:41:32 The Trooper [Iron Maiden]
0:45:46 I Still Believe (Great Design) [The Call]
0:51:30 Results [Fluff track]
0:52:15 Danger Zone [Kenny Loggins]
0:56:19 Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) [Mike + The Mechanics]

I'd recommend anyone liking it give the rest of their stuff a listen. Some of the Act I stuff is hit or miss, but both of their cover albums are solid, Act II is amazing, and I rather enjoy the narrative they're trying to build.