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Thread: Seven Knights (iOS, Android)

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    Seven Knights (iOS, Android)

    Figured I'd throw this on here and see if some of you guys could pick it up to help out with translation, info, etcetera. The one bad thing is that it's fully in Korean and there is currently no English translation planned.
    English guide
    Google Play
    iOS App store

    Been having a lot of fun with it. Similar to Brave Frontier, this game is a cross between Summon Masters, and Heroes charge (combat is automated with heroes having a cool down on their various abilities). Unlike other games of this sort, you can fully automate the combat including ability usage. Currently having issues figuring out some of the other menus.
    • Combat can be fully automated, including ability usage. The AI does a so-so job, but it's good enough for regular farming/grinding.
    • Beautiful 3D graphics, menus are smooth.
    • Generous amount of perks for new players, including a 6 Star hero, rubies (their version of in game gems), and tons of other stuff to get you started.
    • Daily dungeons. Drop hero advancement elementals.
    • End game raid bosses. Drop 5star+ gear, rubies etcetera.
    • Player guilds and guild castle raids. Although I haven't figured out how to start one. Participating in these gives access to 2-6 star card drops.
    • Multiple ways to gain rubies easily, through daily tower raid, daily achievements, main quest progression/map completion, dungeons, Pvp, etcetera,
    • Heroes level through regular gameplay. Like Brave Frontier, you can work on increasing the rarity of a favorite hero (although this gets grindy and difficult with 5star heroes or higher).
    • Heroes have three equipment slots (weapon, armor, trinket). Gameplay drops gear you can equip on your heroes (similar to spheres in BF). Equipment can also be improved.
    • Formations are important, with them giving bonuses depending (some or more efficient for PvE, PvP, Raids, and so on). Formations can be upgraded to give higher bonuses.

    • Korean language, click here for a general English guide.
    • Assigning heroes to build a formation can be a bit clunky at first.
    • Can get a bit grindy if you rely on F2P for the rubies, although you get a generous amount early on. Rubies start coming in at a better rate at higher levels and especially after you do better at PvP and guild raids.

    General gameplay.

    Raid boss

    Be cool to get an RR guild going. Solstorm on this if anyone can figure out how to friend someone. Although I'm not really sure how using a friend works.
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