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    Project Almanac

    I have not seen this posted, nor did i see a trailer until i stumbled onto this today. It comes out this friday and looks like Chronicle 2 but with time travel. Could be fun the trailer looks like it has good production values. Turns out they made it for about $12mm

    A brilliant high school student and his friends uncover blueprints for a mysterious device with limitless potential, inadvertently putting lives in danger.

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    Talk about a trailer revealing the plot, holy shit. Feel like I've already seen the movie.
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    Saw this tonight and enjoyed it. Like the trailer suggests, it is a pretty predictable time travel movie. Nonetheless, it managed to stay interesting without becoming too convoluted and confusing (Hi2u Primer!). I hadn't seen the trailer going into it, so that might have helped me enjoy things a bit more. Even without seeing the trailer, however, I predicted the end of the movie fairly early.


    A couple things I thought were well-done:
    - The feedback loop that occurred when encountering a past version of yourself was kind of cool and different from most time travel movies.
    - The gimmicky first-person camera style (i.e., that they recorded everything) actually played an important plot point at the end of the movie, which I thought was clever.

    They mainly used the predestination style of time travel, where everything has already happened, but they played kind of fast and loose with the rules throughout the movie. It's definitely not one you should try to over think.

    Overall, if you think Primer is the pinnacle of time travel movies you most likely won't like this. However, if Primer confused the hell out of you then this will be enjoyable.

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