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Thread: What's up with that Mcaffe dude?

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    What's up with that Mcaffe dude?

    I've seen snippets here and there of this story, and was wondering what's the deal with this lol.

    If I'm understanding the situation correctly this Mcaffe guy was living in Belize and working on making a new party drug in pursuit of the perfect high.

    Somebody ends up dead in his house and Mcaffe is claiming government conspiracies and all sorts of cliche spy novel stuff.

    I haven't read any of his blog or followed the story too closely, I was just wondering if there was any more information on this supposed conspiracy.

    I guess I could see a realistic drug cartel angle to his being set up if he actually made a decent narcotic, but admittedly I don't know how strong the drug cartels are in Belize and I don't know how much corruption is in their government either.

    oh, and I heard a good joke today about this

    "When they found the body, it was bloated and unresponsive. It had McAfee's handiwork all over it."

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    Dude is straight up crazy, posted a video of it on MoreN.....GOD FUCKING DAMN IT.

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    There is a really good article posted about this on that OTHER forum. NPR also had something a week or two ago. Shit is straight out of a movie. Supposedly hired several successive would-be kidnappers, rolled with the local gangs AND police, hid from police in a hole he dug when the police came after him, etc, etc, etc.

    Also, your link is busticated.

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