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Thread: Tierra Del Fuego/Navarino Island, Chile

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    Tierra Del Fuego/Navarino Island, Chile

    So my next big adventure is going to take me to my university's field station on Navarino Island, Chile to study the thermal tolerances of the only true insect in Antarctica. Anyone have any experience down there? It's the southern most place inhabited by humans on planet Earth. I will be there from Jan-Aug and I'm worried about being prepared for the climate. I know it's a hiker's paradise surrounded by dramatic mountains, but Wikipedia doesn't have too many details.


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    That insect sounds really dull. What a shitty "life".

    It lives for like 2 years in various stages of being a larva, then finally becomes full grown only to die 10 days later after it mates and the females quickly lay eggs? So weak.
    Belgica antarctica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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