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Thread: Terra Battle - iOS / Android (Monster Farming Strategy)

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    Terra Battle - iOS / Android (Monster Farming Strategy)

    Game System | Terra Battle by MISTWALKER

    Game came out yesterday, saw it on some random site. It seems pretty simple so far, but I can see the fights getting quite complex (lost my first fight to a boss at the end of the tower in chapter 1).

    Gonna be my go-to game while waiting for energy to come back in Brave Frontier.

    Worth taking a look at, will update this more if folks seem interested.

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    I didnt think to look for other people that were playing the game till now. Fights do get intricate / crazy. I too am in love with Brave Frontier, but there is like this middle ground where I wish fights were more intricate in Brave Frontier. Not just Guard every 3rd turn, have opposing team color, and a proper line up to beat content x/y/z. The thing I like about this game is that it takes some real strategy when you have traps in the floor and whatever else coming at you, pikes against swords, swords against archers etc. Then you have to match elements against other elements etc. In a lot of ways this game is better and in a lot of ways, but is also worse than Brave Frontier in several ways. Definitely a time filler though, cause I hated summoner's War.
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    Just found this game. It's like Puzzles And Dragons. I'm liking it so far. Finished my first bar of stamina.
    Is there a difference between Knight and Lizard Knight?
    Answer: Knight has more Magic Defense while Lizard Knight has more HP
    Further: They're just chumps that will get replaced anyway, so go with the highest level one until you get something better.
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    I still enjoy Brave Frontier but dropped Summoner's War and replaced it with this game a few days ago. The battle system is certainly more interesting, and the character development appears to have a lot of depth. You build a team of 6 characters. As you level a character's job, you unlock more skills like AOE attacks and HP+20%. Good characters (B+, not common trash) unlock 2 more jobs, but you start over at level 1. You can equip unlocked skills from other jobs, though.

    You start with 2 good characters, I also captured one at the end of Chapter 4, the rest are from rare pulls that require Energy. They give away energy with daily logins and chapter clears, so after a few days I have had 3 pulls and a full team of 6 characters that have the potential for 3 jobs. That said, only 1 has a second job and I don't believe I am close to adding one to anybody else.

    The biggest issue I have is how quickly it becomes a serious grind. Monster levels in the story outpace you early on (middle of chapter 5 for me). The Metal dungeon system looks to be completely retarded. On the weekend, it opens like every 6 hours for an hour. Different levels of it are staggered, but I am only interested in the first one (for level 1-20 characters). The times are mostly in the middle of the night or early morning Eastern US time. You can access them anytime if you have tickets, but I have only ever gotten 3 (all at once) as a special giveaway event. I read that you can farm them (rare drops) in chapter 6 as well. In the meantime, the best story level I have found to clear nets around 1k exp to each character and they need a good 8-15k to level...

    Oh yeah and no auto-battle.
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    Any of you playing another free game, Shadow Kings? It's kind of like C&C: Red Alert. It's a game where you have to build a kingdom and recruit people to fight for you and defend you. Then you constantly upgrade your kingdom with new equipment or what not. It's a game loaded with micro transactions, but if you don't mind waiting (sometimes a while), it's a fun game to play.

    For example, the most time consuming thing I've built was 9 hours. I started it before going to bed, so I didn't have to wait that long. You can paywall a constant shortcut in this game by "buying" diamonds. You trade the diamonds to instantly complete building things. You can earn diamonds on your own, but it's a very slow process. Later on, upgrading one of your key pieces of equipment is going to cost 17,000 diamonds. I have no idea how long it'll take to raise that many without giving into the paywall. Time will tell, though. I've only been playing this game for 3 days now, but I'm currently level 12. I should be 13 soon enough (tomorrow morning). I'm really enjoying it. The "PVP" portion of this game is sending your NPC's out to defeat other players NPC's. You can also use in game currency to purchase spies to see what type of defenses an enemy base has before you try to overthrow it. You can also use in game currency to sabotage their castle, by setting it on fire and shit before you attack it.

    I'm really enjoying this one. For what it's worth, you can make an Alliance with other player castles in the game. I've created a "Fires of Heaven" Alliance (only player in it at the moment) with my castle, Testville.
    Also, I'm on Game World: 2 (US).

    EDIT: Throwing this picture in because it's my greatest victory thus far.

    Got really lucky on this one. We all have mostly the same NPC's doing battle for us. The only difference is if you load assault weapons or not. Usually you don't, just because they use up valuable resources, but sometimes you do.
    Anyway, I beat this guy when he and I both had level 11 castles. I was surprised at how much of a crushing victory it was. You're only able to attack with the total number of fighters that each city allows, in the form of their built in defenses. I tried fighting another place that was heavily fortified. I could only go in with 12 NPC's, and my opponent had 153 waiting for me. I had a total defeat, but he lost 7 in the process. Not too bad, all things considered.
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    anyone play this still? just downloaded it today. kinda can't believe i hadn't heard about it before today. lots of my favorite JRPG developer names are attached. specifically Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of the Final Fantasy franchise) and Yasumi Matsuono (director/writer of Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, most of FFXII...) caught my eye.

    game is pretty fun so far, but for the first time in awhile i'm seriously bummed out about the presence of a stamina bar. freemium, eh. starting to get to me i guess.
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