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Thread: Anyone do console streaming? specifically wii/wiiu?

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    Anyone do console streaming? specifically wii/wiiu?

    curious what capture card you're using and software etc, I wanna start streaming the local tournaments around my area for smash, the little bit of searching I did found "dazzle" as a popular answer but I don't see anything like that with the price range they gave (20-40$) on amazon, under dazzle or dazzle capture card. Diamond VC500 One Touch Video Capture Device: Electronics

    this comes up as one of the cheapest. Easycap DC60+ / DC-60+ New Version 3.2A USB Grabber Video Capturer with faster chips for Video Game PS3 XBOX 360 / Game Players / DVD / VHS / Camcorder / Video Camera Compatible Vista 64 bit / XP: Electronics

    but has awful reviews but also mixed, either works great or dosent. iTeck EzCap USB 2.0 Audio Video Capture Device Converter for Live Games from Xbox360 Playstation3 PS3 Wii in Color: Electronics
    then theres that one, same thing reviews all over the place.
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    any of those devices is going to result in your quality looking like it's being processed by a potato.
    AverMedia has a good "gamer" line of capture devices, as well as BlackMagic but you're going to start paying 175-200+ for those. They look great though.

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