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Thread: War of Omens

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    War of Omens

    I haven't seen a thread around here for this. War of Omens is a web based card game that is a mix of Dominion and Magic. Each of the four factions has an extremely different play style. I have spent zero dollars on the game and am getting close to having all my cards upgraded. It kickstarted a while ago and in multiplayer there is a difference between people with totally upgraded cards and not. They currently have it on the slate for multiplayer to have a ranking to help match making. They also have tournaments on the slate but have not mentioned about how those will work.

    I play on their site and sign in through steam. Their site doesn't have chat functionality. You can also play the game on Kongregate where you can chat. I've found it to be a great way to burn some time at work. There is no turn timer in single player so you can step away for 30 minutes and come back and get right back in to it.

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