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Thread: Question about Home Audio

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    Question about Home Audio

    copy/pasting a friend's question to reddit

    I'm tired of the sorry excuse for audio I have on my home pc which also serves as our TV. What I currently have is.. well... utter crap. The question is "what should I buy?" Here's some points that matter.

    • Budget: Under $350
    • Volume: We have a small living room with a lot of hard surfaces and we live in a duplex. So the last thing I need is high volume and booming bass notes.
    • Clarity: My wife is hard of hearing. Dialog is always the problem so clarity -- particularly in dialog -- is way more desirable than loudness.
    • Wiring: I'm not really interested in running wires all around this room so anything requiring speakers not on or near the desk needs to be wireless. As much as I like surround sound I don't truly need it and the audio quality/clarity is more important.
    • Volume again: I noticed in some of my research that some systems have built-in normalization. That's a nice to have feature.
    • Thanks in advance for any help & guidance. I'm afraid the farthest I've ever gone in PC speakers is my old creative 5.1 setup for $100 bucks

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    A little digging I did, I recently was looking at getting a new set of speakers for my computer(ended up getting some Sennheiser's Instead though) Creative ZiiSound T6 Wireless Surround Sound Speaker System: Electronics This is suppose to be a very good sound system with wireless speakers, (issues are though that if you want Dolby - You computer has to have the required Codec for it too work correctly, and also the SUB-Woofer seems to be light or heavy hitting, on some orders that people have gotten(slight defect maybe ?)) Audioengine A2+ Premium Powered Desktop Speakers - Pair (Black): Computers Accessories are a simple 2.0 Speaker system for computers(Includes a DAC controller with the speakers them selfs, but is only useable via USB.(also has a SubWoofer output on the back of the speakers so you can later add one, the unit i played around with sound was very bassy without a subwoofer))

    but from my looking around thoose are about the best you can find for the price he is looking at.
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    If that creative is anything like their earlier models- I had a set up for my computer I bought in like 2000 and still have it somewhere- it had insane depth and clarity, even if the volume was not "up/loud" it could fill a large room with ease... I am sure the more audiophile people will crush my statement but it seems to "go further" than other speakers without just getting loud.

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