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Thread: 2014 GOTY: Giopi the Republican Elephant

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    2014 GOTY: Giopi the Republican Elephant

    Mission Majority

    Hi, my name is Giopi! I’m one of the GOP's best volunteers for the 2014 midterms, and I’m here to show you how we can win back the Senate! There is going to be a lot of red tape and regulations in our way, but we need to overcome them in order to succeed. At the end of each level, there is a link that will bring you to a site where you can support Republicans in real life. Ready to get started? Great, have fun!

    You’ll need to watch out for the job-destroying “Taxers.” You can jump on top of them to suppress their high taxes.

    You’ll also have to dodge the “Mudslingers.” To escape their false and empty rhetoric, jump on them and mute their misleading words.

    Stan Smith 2016

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    Mission Majority begins with an interesting premise. Can the player as Giopi the Republican Elephant successfully navigate a maze of taxers and mudslingers to obtain enough keys for volunteers to successfully take back the Republican Majority in the Senate. However, the gameplay leaves much to be desired. You meet your most sophisticated foe, The Taxer, on the first level and all it does is path back and forth on a given platform. The Mudslinger who appears later is completely stationary and simply dispatched by jumping on his head. When you defeat any foe you are treated to a sound bite from a Washingtonian highlighting a problem with current politicians. The foes are numerous however, and the sound bites are limited. Expect to hear the same sound bites over and over again. The background music is a fair bit of whimsey, nothing remarkable, but nothing to grate you too terribly while you engage in the mediocre platforming the game offers. And mediocre is the right term, with little challenge offered by the enemies, all you are left with is jumps to maneuver, challenged primarily by the game's poor hit boxes, sluggish controls and bizarre level design. There is nothing engaging to your key hunt; it's simply jump, jump, jump from one similar platform to the next until the key pops up on your screen.

    Mission Majority offers very little innovation to the current gaming landscape and its gameplay, audio, and replay value really fail to compare to other titles released in recent years. I am afraid I would not recommend a play through for anyone, even those for whom the message behind the game is exactly on point. Take a pass on this one fellow gamers.

    Misson Majority 0/5 Stars

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