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Thread: How to make my own mix

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    How to make my own mix

    I want to make my own EDM mix as a poor man gift to my brother and sister. I don't need anything fancy, but I'd like to have the songs fading into each other, and if possible, some voice distortion so I can say "this is DJ blah blah" as a joke mixed in there. I've never done anything like this and haven't the slightest idea what software is needed. Is this too ambitious to pull off? A little time investment is fine, but if I'm grossly underestimating the time needed to do something like this from scratch, I'd like to know sooner rather than later. Thanks

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    Look up Virtual DJ. I'm pretty sure it has an auto-sync feature which will basically beat match for you. Not sure if you can record out of it though.
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    Virtual DJ if you want to actually mix the songs manually. I am not sure about recording through it though. What you could do is use a 4 deck UI and just record yourself through your systems recording software and save it as a mp3, then play it on deck 3 as you're mixing the other two. It would be really easy actually.

    Ableton is what all of the DJ's use for pre mixing their radio shows, and what shitty DJs like Deadmau5 use for live shows. You can just drag and drop files into the program and warp them together. However, you would still have to prerecord your voice and add those in as their own files, as if they were songs. You can easily overlap them though so everything is in sync and it all flows without losing a beat.

    Personally I recommend Ableton, thatís what the pros use.

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    Good stuff guys, thanks

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