I hosted a Tekkit classic server some time ago and then I tried the FTB mod-pack. It has been two years or so since I really got into Minecraft.

I have a FTB: Monster server that I spun up on a virtual machine at work with 12 Gigs of RAM and 50 GB of hard disk allocated to it (dedicated server). Currently it's just a straight un-pack => install, so I haven't added or enabled any of the other mods (mainly because I haven't played with them). It has no plugins as of yet but that will probably change. There are also no world modifications.

If you are interested in playing (I have some friends IRL that are interested as well as some old gaming contacts) then toss me a PM. I'll whitelist you.

There are no safeguards against a person being a dick but I'm hoping we can co-exist. I am also taking suggestions for added/enabled mods (I see some people enable "Blood Magic", tho, I'm not sure what mod does what) as well as plugins. If we do want to enable some other mods I'd rather do it on a clean start then halfway through a world.

(If you are having connection issues, I'd also like to know. This is partly an experiment to see if I correctly allocated bandwidth to it)