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Thread: Aurora 4x - Space Strategy meets Dwarf Fortress

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    Aurora 4x - Space Strategy meets Dwarf Fortress

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    I tried this, on a whim, and found myself sucked in.
    You may enjoy it.

    There aren't a lot of recent Lets Plays on YouTube, and this game is PAINFULLY SLOW to play and BRUTALLY UNFORGIVING to lose, just like Dwarf Fortress.

    I watched Alfapiomega's to get an idea how to start a game and stuff.

    Having spent a good 10+ hours learning to play this, I have disappointingly lost all interest in it...

    All three games I created and attempted to play, eventually bogged down into multi-minute turns that were more than just painful to wait for, but completely disappointing to complete; as the scale of the game escalates almost exponentially in both tedium and cost, ending in progress taking more and more turns to see, and those turns taking longer and longer for the computer to complete processing...

    I realize that the game is a VB game that utilizes an *.mdb file as a save game database, but the guy that coded it must have done ZERO optimizing for turn execution ON TOP of using such an inefficient design. And the thought that until v5.0 or so, the game was EVEN SLOWER to play, is simply mind boggling to me.

    I really wanted to like this game because it has so much potential and it really is so deep and gratifying to experience, while the 5 day turns are closer to 10 to 15 seconds rather than 1 to 5 MINUTES... But that's not including the moments were the turn clock drops to 5 second turns due to AI warfare occurring in some distant system you haven't even discovered yet... /sigh
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