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Thread: The Judge starring Robert Downey Jr Robert Duvall October 2014

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    The Judge starring Robert Downey Jr Robert Duvall October 2014

    Hmmm, looks like a pretty shitty story but really decent cast could elevate it? They should just release stuff like this straight to DVD who the fuck wants to go to a theater to see this

    Billy Bob Thornton is in it too, after his amazing performance in Fargo I hope he's on a comeback.

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    Looks like an incredible cast. Will definitely see.

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    I saw "The Judge" and my mind went to IS THE SEQUEL HAPPENING?

    This might be ok. I like Billy-Bob, but he's a tad typecast. This looks like a pretty good departure.

    It actually looks like it will be a fairly good movie. It doesn't have to be the next Best Movie Ever. I hit play leaning, "meh" and it convinced me that the movie may not be dogshit.

    It's hardly what you'd call an original idea, but I suspect that the performances and the craft of it will be enough to make it not a waste of time.

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