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Thread: Music composer for film/tv/video games

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    Music composer for film/tv/video games

    I'm looking to get into writing music/scoring soundtracks for movies/television/video games/whatever, and was wondering if anyone has any connections? Trying to get started and not sure where to look. I have a Masters degree in conducting and Bachelors in music, as well as 10+ years working musicals and teaching university/high school musicians. Willing to relocate wherever.


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    Hey man, I'm a musician myself and have been looking to get into commercial spots (Car ads, etc), and have done some short films and other things. I've also produced more hip hop and electronica albums and tracks than I can even remember and have a great deal of experience in the music industry and their crossovers to film. Shoot me a pm and we can exchange e-mails, might be able to do something together.

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    I can't believe I didn't see this earlier. I run a business creating games and such for 3D worlds and often have a need for music. However, we generally do not use full soundtracks, but more just like several 5-10 second snippets of things for games. I generally have been using fiverr with decent success.

    I would recommend to you guys that you create stuff and put it out on places like and such. This is a good way to get your music out there at least, basically like in a royalty free setting. Alternatively, for fiverr, the going rate seems to be, in general, $1.00 per second of music and more if the end user will use it commercially.

    For some projects where I need really good music, I have reached out to professional musicians (such as Rafael Dyll). They are generally around the range of $200 - $250 per minute of music which includes full royalty free commercial licensing.

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