So I stumbled upon a reddit site called /r/beermoney about a month ago and have been having some mild success. Will this make you a millionaire, NO. Will it get a few extra dollars in your pocket, YES. I was skeptical but bored so I tried the methods out on my personal cell phone and found myself with a few five dollar amazon gift cards in my pocket with in a week. This kept my interest and I wanted to see what else I could do.

I'll break this down into two sections. Section one is just using your current cell phone with a Swagbucks account. Section two is a slower rate with small start up investment(60 bucks). I was skeptical but within two weeks I made my investment back.

Section One

So these good folks get paid by you watching videos with commercials. The more commercials you watch the more they make. They reward you with points. These points convert to gift cards of all sorts and even paypal cash. They have been around since 2008. Here is the wiki link about them.

They have dozens of ways for you to make points. The main page is spammed with ways to get points. Sign up for this or that, buy stuff from their link or do surveys. I've bought things on amazon, bought airline tickets, and even items at home depot and received points. This is all stuff I was going to buy anyway yet might as well make some extra points. I bought them with a credit card that receives 2% cash back to add to the flow.

There are two main daily ways to get points. There are two cellphone apps that you can use to gain points with no interaction. SBTV and EntertaiNow
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Logo as seen on iOS

The first apps is SBTV. You can let this run for about an hour and acquire 50 points per day. To set it up you want to find short videos and add them to your favorites. You can play your favorites and they will run continuously.
On the main page, hit the menu tab in the top left and select "home and garden". Scroll down and find "10 second tips" swipe from right to left on it and a red heart will appear on it. This adds it to your favorites. They change these often. You can get several with this tag. This adds it to your favorites. Now you can hit the same menu tab in the top left and select favorites. Select one and let it run. Plug in your phone, set the volume to off, and put in on the lowest brightness setting and let it run. It will cap at 50 point per day. PLEASE be on your WIFI you don't want to use your cell phones data plan.

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You can also use the swagbucks app for extra points. There is a 2 second daily poll for points. You can also earn points with codes that are released daily. These codes last from 1 to 3 hours. Input the codeword and gain points. The codes are hidden through blog posts and facebook posts. HOWEVER. you can sign up for a cheat code email and have the code emailed to you, sign up at Swag Codes Spoiler and the codes are emailed to you. Easy points only takes a minute. There is usually atleast one per day some times up to 10 codes varying from 3 to 8 points each.

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Logo as seen on iOS

The next app is EntertaiNow. I never hit the daily cap. It caps at 90 points yet you must watch twice as many videos to acquire the same amount of points. EntertaiNow, I run this after SWTV is capped. It runs the same way. Add short videos to your favorites and run them. I have found the shortest videos are in the "TV Spots" section. "BoonDocks"! You can add them to your favorites following the same directions as above.

If you want to get more points daily you can do all of the offers on the main page of swag bucks. I have found these don't work out to well. The surveys always seems to be a lose for time spent.

The only one I do still is the ENCRAVE. On the main page of on the top bar hover over the "discover tab". Slide down to the Encrave and open it into a new window. I open this in a different browser than my usual one. Using windows defualt audio manager i set this browser to 0 volume. Once you open it you can right click open in a new tab on the videos with the play button. Only the videos with the play button icon will continuously play. These will play continuously once you select the "Discovery Mode" tab in the top left. You must then right click on the video to open video options and then "Alt tab" back to your normal browser. This will play for 5 to 15 minutes and award points. Check back randomly as you do your normal inter web surfing and reopen it to gain more points. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes an easy habit. You can rack up a ton of points using this. It is more interactive than the cell phone apps but the points add up quickly.

For ever 100 points you get the equivalent of one dollar. This might sound high but it adds up quickly. You also get daily goal bonuses which are random to each user. Bonus points are only awarded at the fist of the month.

Online Shopping Referrals
If you are buying crap on line you can use the links under the SHOP section on the main page to gain points. HomeDepot, Walmart ,BestBuy, Groupon the list goes on. It takes a week to see points but they do show up. Theres also a firefox addon that refers your purchases automatically for points.

Section Two

The second website to gain amazon gift cards is PerkTV. A mobile device running for 24 hours earns over a dollar a day. Yet the current policy of perk tv is to allow users to run up to five mobile devices at once. I run four and use my main cellphone as a way to check the status of points made and if I have completed the swag bucks apps I can run perk tv on my main phone. Open the app and run movie trailers or app trailers. I have had faster results with movie previews.

photo 4.JPGLogo as seen on iOS

You can use any extra device to run this app. I have found that older iPads(gen1) will not run the current apps and if you are running an android phone you need to use 4.0 or higher. I bought 4 cheap burner phones and set them up to run perktv continuously. I purchased Four of the "kyocera-hydro-preowned" phone for 15 dollars each. You can find them cheaper on eBay etc but i didn't want to spend the time fighting for a deal. Refurbished Certified Pre-Owned Kyocera Hydro | Boost Mobile You do not have to activate these phones you can just set them up on wifi and run the perk TV app. Turn off all background apps or freeze them and only run PERKTV. These tend to crash every 12 hours. I have already trained my OCD girlfriend to reset them while im gone. And certain ads will crash them as well(fucking picture of some guy swiming). You can set the videos to lowbandwith with the newest version of perk TV. This will help streaming. Several of these will use your wifi up. I tend to turn them all off if I am streaming netflix or HBOgo to my PS3 since I have a shitty wifi router from 5 years ago. Im sure it will improve with a better router or configuring better which i could use some help with!(hint,hint).


free cash

tending to the apps and setting them up
crashing while at work
getting greedy and running to many accounts will get you banned. if you are and ip master and can disguise your self you can slip by for a while.

To sign up! you can use one of the two links below.

SwagBucks Referral link for the guy who wrote this drunk at 4am to help you into this(he earns 10% of your earnings and you lose nothing)
PerkTV Referral link for the guy who wrote this drunk at 4am to help you into this(he earns 10% of your earnings and you lose nothing)
the first are my links (its a fucking pyramid scheme i get a bonus for the points you make, nothing is deducted from you, you just dont like the guy who helped you into this, thats fine im still in the positive)

SwagBucks new user and fuck the guy who wrote this easy guide!
PerkTV new user and fuck the guy who wrote this easy guide!
second link is a clean link if you want to start a new account as if you havent read this guide and you just found it on your own.

TLDR: pretend to watch commercials on your pc and mobile devices get paid