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Thread: Galactic Arms Race - free Steam Codes for FOH/RR bros

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    Galactic Arms Race - free Steam Codes for FOH/RR bros

    Giving away Steam Product Codes for a game I worked on that you guys helped Greenlight. If you'll recall from the thread from a while back, the game is basically "Diablo In Space" with 32-player COOP and PVP. Pics and video here:

    Galactic Arms Race on Steam

    To get the codes: email me ([email protected]) and just mention ReRolled keys and I'll send up to 5 keys for yourself, friends, or family. I highly suggest playing it coop because it was built mainly for that. Most of the NPCs in the game are named for FOH/RR forum members. Check spoiler to find out which star system you are immortalized in:


    ==== Human NPC ====

    Cygnus Alpha - Furor, Zhen, Tuco, James, Ravvenn
    Cygnus Beta - Quineloe, Wolfen, Brekk, Draegan, Chuk, Requiem
    Cygnus Gamma - Tyen, Aladain, Ham, Sean, Arbitrary, Cad
    Cygnus Epsilon - Keg, Tenks, Phoenix, Duppin, Zarcath, Genjiro
    Cygnus Zeta - Araysar, Sharmai, Moontayle, Zhaun, Erronius, Etoille
    Hydrus Epsilon - Wodin, Arrakis, Rinthea, Foler

    ==== Vulpan NPC ====

    Volantis Alpha - Edko, Soriak, Sutekh, Szlia, Araxen, Soygen, Cybsled, Grimlokk
    Volantis Beta - Alcestis, Adebisi, Zeste, Ronne, Homsar, Mkopec
    Volantis Gamma - Tarrant, Chanur, Vinen, Dak, Kuriin, Tolanin, Fammaden, Kolle
    Volantis Epsilon - Azrayne, Fedor, Frax, Disp, Zaphid, Suineg, Khorum, Akileese
    Volantis Zeta - Jozu, Zerai, Spronk, Findar, Sithro, Jait, Rythonn, Lyenae
    Hydrus Epsilon - Usha, Brikker, Neric, Galiem

    ==== Gruba NPC ====

    Corvus Alpha - Agraza, Caliane, Fadaar, Occido, Zinke, Camerous, Faille, Vatoreus, Elurin
    Corvus Beta - Jerle, Cathan, Lowk, Elerion, Bralkan, Vehn
    Corvus Gamma - Zuuljin, Burkex, Algol, Frott, Jooka, Lefazz, Asmadai, Vagoo, Lenas
    Corvus Epsilon - Lendarios, Mist, Lejina, Kaige, Surlok, Warrik, Darus, Kodylan, Soldaris
    Corvus Zeta - Hachima, Zanoan, Qhue, Palum, Hathe, Kaosu, Xequecal, Blide, Havelock, Simas, Kaxmax, Korioni
    Hydrus Beta - Vorph, Kilivek, Aamina, Yermum, Murr, Cadrid

    ==== Mercenary NPC ====

    Hydrus Alpha - Mippo, Searyx, Kreugen, Makata
    Hydrus Gamma - Aychamo, Tad, Amadeus, Millie
    Hydrus Zeta - Darph, Goliath, Dumar, Possible
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    grats buddy thats AWESOME!!!!

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    $4? I'll just buy it. Congratulations!

    Should look into getting into a Humble Bundle a few months from now, though I have no clue how one goes about doing that.

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    holy shit, I remember this!
    Awesome to see it happening. Great work

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    So who did you bribe?

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