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Thread: MaddAddam [HBO] Darren Aronofsky (futuristic dystopian epic)

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    MaddAddam [HBO] Darren Aronofsky (futuristic dystopian epic)

    Darren Aronofsky, the Oscar-nominated writer-director behind such films as Pi, Requiem for a Dream, and Noah, is making the move to television. Aronofsky and his production banner Protozoa Pictures made a three-year, first-look deal with HBO earlier this year, and now the first project under that arrangement has been announced. Aronofsky will executive producer a series adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s book trilogy MaddAddam with a possibility of directing. Atwood will serve as consultant on the picture, and the team is currently in search of writers.
    Deadline reports that Aronofsky will executive produce and possibly direct an adaptation of the Atwood novels Oryx and Crake, Year of the Flood, and MaddAddam for an HBO series.

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    I still haven't seen Noah, and I'm not familiar with those books, but I've enjoyed a lot of Aronofsky's work. I have high hopes. I'll probably download those books soon.

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    sounds interesting gonna get the books to check it out

    I wonder when it gets released though, 2016? The book is a trilogy so I wonder how many seasons that would be of a TV show, at least it has a beginning/middle/end.

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    I read the first book and then couldn't muster the will to continue on with the rest, the only reason that I got that far was because I enjoyed the post apocalyptic setting. None of the characters are particularly likeable and some of the story elements present in the flashbacks are absurd to the point of kicking you out of the narrative from time to time. Remove or reduce the emphasis on the bovine like designer humans and the overly wacky corporate world that dominates half the story and this would have been a fairly engrossing survival story, it's a pity that it didn't go that route.

    Hopefully Aronofsky and team can take enough liberties with this story to make it a worthwhile show.
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