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Thread: Traveler's Gate Trilogy (by Will Wight)

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    Traveler's Gate Trilogy (by Will Wight)

    So I was out of stuff to read and decided to go through and pick up some of the better rated books on amazon to try out. Usually that doesn't work out too well, but I have now read this whole trilogy and really enjoyed it. This is a new author and this was his first series, and I think he has potential. Also he wrote and released all 3 books in under a year, which is impressive.

    The first book is House of blades: House of Blades (The Travelers Gate Trilogy: Book #1) eBook: Will Wight: Kindle Store

    I thought the magic system has a whole lot of potential and was really fun. The plot is not overly complex so it is any easy read (except for remembering which characteristics are associated with which territories). I will warn you however that the first part of the first book is pretty slow up until Valinhall is introduced, and the author is working on rewriting that section as it was a common complaint. Each book is better than the last, so there is no drop off like some other authors.

    Anyway, thought I would share since we haven't had a new thread here in awhile.
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