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    Got one of these on Amazon to use my fightsticks on the xbox one, and what a great product.

    Can use any controller from WII, PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, XBOX 360 and PC on any of those consoles.
    Also mouse and keyboard on all games for all the above consoles.

    It also lets you run one button macro scripts that can also toggle. They have about 500 for all games. You can program your own stuff as well.
    If you want to troll an FPS on the console this is a pretty fun item to do that with.

    Highly recommend it. For fighting games its a must if you want to use a fight stick from a previous generation without buying new ones.
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    Pretty cool, if it works as well as the site claims. If this lets you use the PS4 pad on the PS3 without any issues, that's worth it in and of itself. The site says it does.

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