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    The Following

    Couldnt find this anywhere or on search so if i missed it then my bad - However season 2 was pretty dam good, not sure id say it was better than season 1 but it has a pretty nice cliffhanger in it. Kevin Bacon plays his part in this show pretty well, its like a toned down version of 24.

    Show isnt amazing and the overall story isnt amazing either but its a pretty great throw away show and its full of violence and crazy people doing stupid shit - thus it wins.
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    This show is stupid as fuck, but I've watched every episode because it's like a trainwreck of terrible writing.

    It's a prime example of why no one should ever let women write a crime drama.
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    I actually enjoyed season 2. Yes, it's ridiculous and stupid, but it's a fun ridiculous and stupid. Make no mistake, though, the series would be absolutely devoid of merit without Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Also, being limited to 12 episodes helps a lot.

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    i thought there was already a thread on this show. i watched season one and it was a turd. a poor man's ripoff of 24. i only watched season one because a chick i was trying to get with liked it and i pretended to like it too so we could maybe hook up. shit didnt work out the way i wanted so i stopped torturing myself. when season 2 kicked off this chick was like, "charlie, did you watch the following last night?" i was like " pfft, that shit sucks, sorry"

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