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Thread: NEW Emulator Server

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    NEW Emulator Server

    If at all possible someone create a Time Locked Progression through Luclin.

    Expansions Unlock once per year or something simular until SoL
    Shared Bank
    (Move items between toons no dangerous xfering plat and items between your EC Mule)
    No Corpse Runs(Only Go after corpse for Experience Rezz)
    Rules same as P99(No Boxing,no MQ or other third party programs,Real GMs,etc)

    Theres four more years of fun ,and great memories if you ask me it removes the worst part of EQ and stops before PoK books jumped into the picture

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    That's a lot of GM support you're asking for, and the EQEmu stock DB is a joke for those expansions. Nothing like 12 players in velious gear taking down AoW!

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    the PoK books were the only crappy thing about PoP. the rest of the expansion was pretty awesome.

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