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Thread: My Horror Novella - "The Temple"

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    Post My Horror Novella - "The Temple"

    Started off as a short story about growing up in a trailer, my life on the farm.

    Aaaaaand completely morphed into a horror show about a kid who keeps a journal, with all of the entries building towards his descent into hell.

    You know, light comedy.

    Anyways, it's free on Prime.

    Or, if you don't want me giving hj's behind the Arby's downstairs, you can buy the perpetual ebook for $2.99.



    The Temple

    A chapter:

    I waited for an hour today after school, but Gary never showed. I decided to walk home. It took me about an hour, even though I used the shortcut from Taylor Street down to the stream on the backside of our property. At the end of Taylor is a large drainage pipe, the kind that is sort of like the spinning tunnels at the state fair.

    A massive tube of metal about eight feet tall, implanted into the dirt to help rain water or a small stream pass underneath the road above. The quickest way to the trail on the backside of our property which leads to our house is through the tunnel. Otherwise, you have to climb the hill, cross the road, and shimmy down the dirt and rocks on the other side.

    When I got to the tunnel, I smelled something strange.

    Something nasty.

    I stopped at the entrance, where the rusted steel lip met the dirt, and where the water from the stream trickled down into a dark, rock-filled pool. I could see the exit through the other end of the tunnel, a small pinprick of light about a hundred feet down. I didn't need a flashlight though as I'd stomped through there a hundred times before. I knew where each of the holes in the cold, corrugated metal lay submerged just below the water. The ones that would swallow your leg and chew it up if you took a wrong step.

    Clawing at some fresh spider webs which were just outside of the entrance, I made my way inside.

    The smell within the tunnel was wretched and wasn’t there the last time went through it. I would have remembered that smell.

    One time when mom and Gary went on vacation, I went to grab some steak from the freezer in the garage and forgot to close the door. The entire freezer was packed with all kinds of meat. Well, that meat turned bad real fast since it was summer time and everything was boiling hot.

    Gary hunts deer with his friends and they set up shop in the garage after their trips to butcher the meat, clean it, and pack it. Most of it was deer meat and was wrapped in thick butcher paper, not in plastic bags. When I opened the garage door the smell exploded at me and I almost had to puke.

    The stench inside the tunnel was even worse.

    When I was about halfway through the pipe, my foot hit a bump, and sunk into something soft and spongy. It spooked me a little bit, because it wasn't there before, and I sprinted through the pipe towards the other side. I tripped and scraped my shin on a rock as I slid out into the sunlight, soaking my pants and getting mud all over myself. My shoe had a brownish-red blob of goop near the toe and a few sticky-looking pieces of black hair on the side that turned the Nike logo into a stick-figure drawing that looked like a shadow-man holding a machete.

    I ran the rest of the way home and through the front door, tearing off my shoes outside and throwing my clothes into the washer along with a few cups of soap. I showered real quick and put on my sweats and a dark green t-shirt which my uncle gave me last year that had big white letters saying "Without ME, it's just AWESO", which Gary couldn't figure out until I told him what it meant. Uncle Ray is insane and I love the weird stuff he sends me.
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    I can read it for free on Prime, but I don't have a Kindle.

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    I will support you and buy this. Can I get it from Barnes and Noble?

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