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Thread: Old browser based / turn based strategy games

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    Old browser based / turn based strategy games

    I just recently looked up a couple of old games I used to play a little bit and both of them are still up and running. One is a sci-fi based game, and the second is more of a dark fantasy based game. It looks like they both support free to play models (allowing fewer games to be played at once and maybe more restrictions on tougher games.. not sure yet).

    The first one is Ultracorps. It was bought out by Steve Jackson games. You pick a race (different starting units), enter the game in a randomly generated location on the map, and then give movement and attack orders to take over nearby independent worlds in an effort to build up and expand. It is a bit like a Masters of Orion style turn based game against other people.


    The second is Evernight. It is very similar to Ultracorps, but has a few different twists. Think ground troops, supported by giant Godzilla monsters with you as the spell caster overlord vs other players doing the same thing.

    Evernight - The Reign of Darkness

    The basic concept of the combat is that each unit has a number of attacks each turn. They also have an offensive and defensive rating in percentile units. Example: 10 'fighters' with an offense and defense values of 50/50 attack 5 fighters with 25/70. Assuming that the attackers all have one attack per turn, you would get on average 5 'hits' during turn one. Then each hit is randomly assigned to a defending unit (any unit can be 'hit' multiple times in a turn) Then the defending unit makes s defense roll to keep from being killed and also attacks in kind. There is far far more to it, but that is the basic idea. They are pretty cool and rather well done.

    **Edit: I thought I was in the Other Games section when I wrote this, so if a mod wishes, feel free to move it, although there is a bit of an MMO aspect to these.**
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    There was a couple of really good ones back in the EQ days. Unfortunately cheating/scripting/etc.. ruined almost all of them. I was just thinking about Battlefaeries the other day. The game just disappeared without a trace. No post-mortem or anything.

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