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    Planet Explorers

    Planet Explorers on Steam

    Planet Explorers - Let the adventure begin - YouTube

    I saw this game on steam and immediately it catches my eye for all it offers. It's been around for a while and I haven't even known about it. I'm reluctant to buy it because well, I'm cautious to jump right into games no matter how promising. Anyone tried this yet? Voxal based, crafting adventuring pretty much anything you want to do is claimed to be in this game.

    Here are some pros and cons posted by others.

    Large Open World
    Sandbox game
    Alien Animals
    Nice water

    --Cons / needs to be improved:
    Clunky Controls.
    No first person view *** CORECTION** THERE IS FIRST PERSON.
    World has no atmosphere, as in no life, nothing happening.
    Poor textures.
    Poor graphics. (Too much bloom, strange grass that constantly waves, no FOV slider)
    Poor animations
    Poor combat
    Poor UI, especially when building ISOs. Feels like I need a degree in graphic design to use it.
    No collision on certain objects, able to walk through them.
    No tutorial, or help guide
    Poor character customisation.
    Poor AI
    Limited Dialogue

    This isn't from me because I haven't played the game. I'm very interested in it though still want to do more research before purchasing.

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    I swear there was a thread about this somewhere but couldn't find it. It looks interesting. Did you end up getting it?

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    Dunno if anyone is playing this one, but it is worth a look. Animations are a bit crappy, but the design / gameplay is pretty good. Already sunk about 30 hours into it and haven't yet scratched the surface.

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