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Thread: Speakers and amps

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    Speakers and amps

    So I worked out how to do multi-zone audio off of one HTPC. Going to run speaker wire to the closet and each zone has its own amp. They don't have to be fancy or anything, but ideally I'd like something that is designed to be set into a wall or ceiling and be discrete.

    I know very little about brands and technical things that differentiate speakers. I know I won't need some high powered amp to make this work and I've read up on some of the options that other people have used in similar set ups, but I remember some good speaker discussions on this forum so I thought I'd ask.

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    I bought all my shit off monoprice and it's been fine.

    I'm redoing kitchen and would like to have a setup for a wall mount TV, in ceiling speaker, and a place to plug in iphone etc or bluetooth in the wall. Problem is i can't find shit for getting a tv's output amplified for ceiling speakers. This seems like exactly what i want except you can't choose the source and it only amps to 12 watts or some bullshit

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